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Nancy Pelosi Stock Portfolio Performance 2024

Article last updated: February 25, 2024

Nancy Pelosi: A Political Powerhouse

Nancy Patricia Pelosi, born March 26, 1940, is an American icon as she has played significant roles in the United States House of Representatives. A political force to be reckoned with, she's the first woman to serve as U.S. House Speaker and the first woman to lead a major political party. Her career is one of historic milestones, but it turns out, her investment skills are just as sharp as her political instincts.

Nancy Pelosi stock portfolio

Outside the Office

When she's not crafting policy in Washington, Pelosi demonstrates a keen eye for profitable investments. There's a long track record of her being involved in various investments and financial endeavors throughout her career.

Pelosi's Portfolio Performance

Pelosi's investment prowess is as sharp as her political wit. In January 2024, the NY Post revealed her portfolio's stunning 65% gain, far outpacing the S&P 500's 24% return. Wall Street titans, take note and think again if you want to compete with her performances!

Benchmark from Nancy Pelosi portfolio

Pelosi's Portfolio Deep Dive (Powered by Portseido)

So, how does she do it? Let's break down Pelosi's portfolio using your very own tool, Portseido. Here's the inside scoop:

The Source: We get our data straight from official filings by the United States House of Representatives. Members of Congress must disclose their trades. We took Pelosi's 2021 data to give you a hypothetical Portseido view.

official filings by the United States House of Representatives

The Limitations: We only see ticker symbols, transaction dates, and a transaction size range. For our analysis, we're taking on the conservative side by using the minimum possible transaction amounts. This way, we showcase the least she could have made.

For simplicity - we use the asset price on that date instead of the call or put option that she used.

The Results? Jaw-Dropping.

Performance: Pelosi has been smoking hot recently. Using Portseido's performance tab, we see her Feb 24 total return for the last year (50.89%) absolutely steamrolls major indices like the S&P500 (26.83%), Nasdaq (38%), and NYSE (13%).

overall stock performance from Nancy Pelosi portfolio

Allocation: Pelosi is all about tech. Roughly 90% of her portfolio is allocated to those stocks – a strategy that's clearly paid off given how the sector has outperformed since late 2023.

Portfolio allocation from Nancy Pelosi portfolio

Legendary Trades: Remember her now-famous purchase of Nvidia call options in November 2023? Even if she used regular stock prices instead of options, she still saw a 61% return in just half a year!

Portfolio allocation in Nvidia from Nancy Pelosi portfolio

You Can Crush the Market Too

Inspired by Pelosi's moves? Here's how to join in:

Portfolio gain from Nancy Pelosi portfolio

DIY Investing: Get started on your own investment journey and take charge.

Follow the Leader: Check out ETFs like NANC which debuted in Feb 2023 and tracks equities purchased by Democratic members of Congress. The Key: Stay invested consistently. Time in the market tends to beat timing the market.

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Happy investing!

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