Track all investments in one place

70+ stock exchanges, 20000+ ETFs, and Cryptocurrencies.

stock portfolio tracker dashboard app

All investments in one place

Portseido helps you track all your holdings in one place, measure your performance correctly, and gain insights from each trades with minimal efforts.

Allocation Report
How is your portfolio allocated?
You will be able to see an overview of your portfolio, which businesses, industries, sectors and countries your portfolio depends on the most.
portfolio allocation donut chart
portfolio allocation donut chart
Daily Report
How do your holdings perform relative to benchmarks?
You can take a quick look which holdings are your top gainers and losers in different time frame.
stocks portfolio gains by ticker
stocks portfolio gains by ticker
Transaction Report
Which trade decision was a success?
See the return on each trades and compare them to the benchmark. Identify what were you doing right and wrong.
stock price with trade information chart
stock price with trade information chart

Easy To Setup

1. Export trades from your broker.

2. Upload the file.

3. Monitor your performance against a benchmark.

4. Learn from your decisions and become a better investor.

It is said that only 10% of investors beat the market.
Find out if you are one of them.
1. Which assets do Portseido support?
Portseido covers a wide variety of assets including global stocks from more than 70+ exchanges, 20000+ ETFs, and Cryptocurrencies.
2. Is Portseido available for free?
You can create a free portfolio on Portseido. This will have access to almost all of the functionalities. However, when your number of trades get larger, you will have to upgrade to see the full portfolio. See more on pricing page.
3. How will my data be used?
Your trade data will be used solely for calculating the performance metrics of your portfolio to be displayed to you. For more information, please see Privacy Policy section.