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All In One Portfolio Tracker

Trusted by investors in over 160+ countries, Portseido is your all-in-one portfolio tracking solution that combines all your investments in one place. With Portseido app available on both iOS and Android, you can easily assess your investment portfolio performance anywhere anytime on any device.

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Investment Allocation Tracker

Visualize Asset Allocation

Easily analyze and evaluate your investment portfolio with an allocation breakdown in multiple perspectives which includes, but not limited to businesses, industries, sectors, countries and more.

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track, measure and benchmark portfolio performance

Portfolio Performance Report

Portfolio Performance Tracker

Track, measure and analyze portfolio performance of your holdings at customizable time intervals possible within a glance.

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Dividend Portfolio Tracker

Track Your Dividend

Track your dividend investments globally, including in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, South Korea and more, and conveniently plan to meet your financial goals as Portseido help you keep tracks of all your dividends automatically.

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Trade Performance Report

Analyze your Decisions

With our portfolio trade analyzer, you can see the impacts and performances of each trade or action you make and compare them against the benchmarks to analyze your portfolio performance.

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Easy To Import From Your Brokers

1. Export trades from your broker account.

2. Upload the file.

3. Monitor your performance against a benchmark.

4. Learn from your decisions and become a better investor.

And many more ...

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Investors all over the world trust Portseido to be their go to investment tracker


Which assets do Portseido support?

Portseido tracks a wide variety of assets including US, UK, Europe, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, South Korea and other global stocks from more than 70+ exchanges, 20000+ ETFs, and Cryptocurrencies.

Is Portseido available for free?

You can create a free portfolio on Portseido. This will have access to almost all of the functionalities. However, when your number of trades get larger, you will have to upgrade to see the full portfolio. See more on pricing page.

How can I track all my investments?

Simply input the trades you made via our intuitive interface or by uploading a file containing your trade history. Once Portseido has data on your past trades, it’s ready to track and visualize all your portfolios in various aspects, historical performance, trade analytics, allocations and many more. Our goal is to empower you to answer all the questions you have about your own portfolio. Check out our help center on the specifics of how to get set up.

Can I import my trade history from my Brokerage?

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