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Keep Track of Multiple Investment Accounts

Portseido helps investors around the world track their investments, evaluate the performances of each portfolio individually and also aggregate those into one view
stock portfolio tracker dashboard app

Track all investments in one place

See all of your investments in one place at Portseido. With 70+ stock markets all over the world, cryptos and etfs, you can see all your assets grow on any device.

Track assets world wide

With coverage on 70+ stock markets, cryptos and etfs, you can see all your investments in once place.
Portfolio allocation
Track multiple portfolios

Aggregate all portfolios and dig deeper into each portfolio individually

With aggregated view, you can see your overall performance of all portfolios at a glance. Plus, a click away from digging deeper into each portfolio individually.

Customized benchmarks and currencies for each portfolio

With currency coverage worldwide, you can choose to display your portfolio in your own currency. In addition, you can also choose the benchmarks that are most suitable for each portfolio.
customizable benchmarks and currency for portfolio

Let us help organizing your investments so you can focus where it matters most