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Interactive Brokers Portfolio Performance Tracker

Easy to import portfolio from Interactive Brokers

Measure portfolio performance correctly

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Interactive Brokers portfolio tracker

Easy to Import from Interactive Brokers

1. Export trades from your Interactive Brokers account.

2. Upload the file.

3. Monitor your performance against a benchmark.

4. Learn from your decisions and become a better investor.

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Measure your Interactive Brokers Portfolio Performance

Measure your true performance using Money-Weighted Return (MWR) and Time-Weighted Return (TWR). Plus, the historical risk measurement and performance benchmarking to see how you are doing side by side with your preferred benchmarks in your own currency.

Interactive Brokers portfolio performance
Interactive Brokers stock portfolio tracker dashboard app

Manage your Portfolio Allocation

With Portseido Interactive Brokers portfolio manager, you can track, visualize and understand your portfolio better. Left no question unanswered. Identify what you did right and wrong.

Interactive Brokers stock portfolio tracker dashboard app

Interactive Brokers Dividend Tracker

Track historical dividends from your Interactive Brokers portfolio automatically, see forecasted dividend amount and plan for your future incomes.

track your dividend from Interactive Brokers portfolio

All In One Interactive Brokers Portfolio Tracker

Portseido is your all-in-one portfolio tracking solution for your Interactive Brokers portfolio. Import your portfolio directly from Interactive Brokers and accurately asses your investment performance while gaining insights of each trades with minimal efforts.

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