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About this Coast FIRE Calculator

Coast FIRE is another variation of Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) where you save aggresively to the point when additional contribution is not necessary anymore since the investment is large enough that it will grow to full retirements by its own. This calculator is created to help you calculate and visualize that plan and milestones.

Your Current Situations

Current Age:
Current Net Worth:
Expected Annual Return:
Additional Contribution:
Contribution Growth:

Your Retirement Expectation

Retirement Age:
Retirement Annual Spending:
Annual Withdrawal Rate:

Coast FIRE Goal

Your Wealth at Coast FIRE: $0.00

Coast FIRE Age: 0

Years until Coast FIRE: 0 years

Coast FIRE Month:

Full Retirement Goal

Required Wealth for Retirement: $0.00

Your Wealth at Retirement: $0.00

Retirement Age: 0

Years until Retirement: 0 years

Retirement Month:


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What Is Coast FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)?

Coast FIRE is a movement that try to save aggressively and invest to the point where the investment could take care of itself from the power of compounding without any further contribution. This means you may have to retire in some what later, but that allows you to work on a lower pay but lower stress job just to cover your expenses only since there is no saving needed any more.

Coast FIRE introduces a balancing act between financial freedom and the desire to continue working. It's a departure from the all-or-nothing mindset often associated with early retirement. The strategy allows for a more gradual transition, acknowledging that personal and financial priorities may evolve over time.

How Does FIRE Work?

Two key components of FIRE are saving aggressively and investing wisely. By starting saving your income early and investing the sums, compound interest can accelerate the journey to Financial Independence and Retire Early.

How to use Coast FIRE Calculator?

Achieving financial independence is a goal for many, and the Coast FIRE Calculator is a powerful tool that can help you navigate your journey towards financial freedom. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of using the Coast FIRE Calculator, a free tool available on our website. By inputting key financial details and goals, you can gain insights into your Coast FIRE and Full Retirement scenarios, supported by intuitive graphs and tables that illustrate the evolution of your plan.

Step 1: Input Your Current Situation

a. Current Age in Years

b. Current Net Worth

c. Expected Annual Return in Percent

Step 2: Input Your Contribution Plan

a. Additional Contribution (Value and Frequency)

Specify any extra contributions you plan to make, including the value and frequency (e.g., monthly, quarterly, or annually).

b. Contribution Growth (Growth Rate and Frequency)

If your contributions are expected to increase, input the growth rate and frequency. This accounts for your evolving financial commitment.

Step 3: Input Your Retirement Expectation

Full Retirement Formula

a. Retire Age

Determine the age at which you aim to achieve financial independence.

b. Retirement Annual Spending

Retirement Annual Spending is your estimated spending for any given year during retirement. This involves creating a detailed budget that takes into account all your future expenses, including housing, healthcare, travel, hobbies, and any other costs you expect to incur. It's important to be realistic and thorough in this assessment to ensure your retirement years are financially comfortable.

c. Annual Withdrawn Rate (in percent)

Withdrawal Rate represents the percentage of your net worth that you anticipate withdrawing annually to cover your retirement expenses. A lower withdrawal rate implies a safer and more conservative approach to financial independence, as it reduces the risk of outliving your savings.

The widely accepted safe withdrawal rate is typically between 3% and 4%. This means that for every $1 million in your retirement portfolio, you can withdraw $30,000 to $40,000 annually, assuming a 3% to 4% withdrawal rate.

Step 4: Click "Get Result" to Do the Calculations

Step 5: See the Outputs and Review Your Results

a. Coast FIRE Goal

This part help you see the goal to reach the Coast FIRE including your wealth at Coast FIRE, age, specific month and years remaining until you reach it.

b. Full Retirement Goal

This section display you a similar output as Coast FIRE Goal part but for your full retirement.

c. Evolution of Your Plan

This part display the month-by-month evolution of your net worth, contributions, and returns in chart and table.

By following these steps, you can leverage the Coast FIRE Calculator to gain insights into your financial future, enabling you to make informed decisions and take actionable steps towards achieving your Coast FIRE goals. Start planning today to unlock a future of financial freedom and early retirement.

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