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Time-Weighted Return Calculator

Calculate your investment return using Time-Weighted Return (TWR)

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Annualized 60.71%

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What is Time-Weighted Return (TWR)?

Time-weighted return (TWR) is a measure of investment performance that calculates the return for each time period separately and then combines these returns with equal weight. Unlike other methods, such as simple return or money-weighted return, TWR removes the influence of cash flows and assesses the performance at each time period without any bias introduced by the timing or size of cash inflows or outflows.

Time-Weighted Return Formula

Time-weighted return formula

How to use Time-Weighted Return Calculator?

1. Initial Value Inputs

First step is to input your start date and initial investment value. This is the date and the amount when you started investing.

2. Cash Movements and Values

Next is to input all your cash deposits and withdrawals into the investments. These will be used to calculate periodic returns of your investments, so that those deposits and withdrawals are not incorporated as gains or losses.

To input a deposit, you just have to input the Cash Flows amount as positive number. On the other hand, if it's a withdrawal, just input the negative number. After that you can input the Value After Cash Flows as the investment value after that deposits / withdrawals.

3. Final Value

The Final Value section includes the final date and the final value of the investment. This can be your current investment value and today date.

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