Track Portfolio Performance Accurately

Portseido is designed to track and visualize investment performance in detailed. In-depth analytics reports makes it possible to dig deeper into why and identify what were investors doing right and wrong.
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Track all investments in one place

See all of your investments in one place at Portseido. With 70+ stock markets all over the world, cryptos and etfs, you can see all your assets grow on any device.

Track your performance against benchmarks

Tracking your performance can be a time-consuming task. Portseido helps you automate such things, so you can spend your time where it matters most. Plus, the historical risk measurement and performance benchmarking to see how you are doing side by side with your preferred benchmarks in your own currency.
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Analyze performance at transaction level

Instead of just displaying performance, Portseido digs deeper into each transaction to identify what were investors doing right and wrong.

Breakdown portfolio performance by positions

Analyze portfolio performance by looking deeper into portfolio's current positions, aggregating gains and losses by ticker, sector, industry, country and asset classes.
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Track and learn from your portfolio performance