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See all of your investments in one place at Portseido. With 70+ stock markets all over the world, cryptos and etfs, you can see all your dividend incomes grow on any device.

Track your dividend income

With Portseido, your dividend payments are automatically tracked and estimated. In this way, investors can track their progress and manage their dividend incomes easily.
Track your dividend portfolio progress
See your dividend payday

View upcoming and estimated dividends

See upcoming dividends as soon as they are announced and plan your dividend exactly how you want it with estimated values.
See your dividend payday

Which assets do Portseido support?

Portseido covers a wide variety of assets including global stocks from more than 70+ exchanges, 20000+ ETFs, and Cryptocurrencies.

How can I track all my investments?

Simply input the trades you made via our intuitive interface or by uploading a file containing your trade history. Once Portseido has data on your past trades, it’s ready to track and visualize all your portfolios in various aspects, historical performance, trade analytics, allocations and many more. Our goal is to empower you to answer all the questions you have about your own portfolio. Check out our help center on the specifics of how to get set up.

How do I track my dividends?

After you have set up your portfolio, dividends will be tracked automatically. Not only your historical dividends will be added, but the future confirmed dividends too will be displayed.

Can I import my trade history from my Brokerage?

Absolutely! Portseido supports file formats from major brokerages - Degiro, Trading 212, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, M1 Finance, Fidelity, Freetrade, Interactive Brokers, Questrade, Vanguard, Nabtrade, Zerodha. Don’t see your brokerage on the list? You can send us a request to support your platform!

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