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DEGIRO dividend tracker

Easy To Import From DEGIRO

1. Export trades from your DEGIRO account.

2. Upload the file.

3. Monitor your performance against a benchmark.

4. Learn from your decisions and become a better investor.


Simplify your dividend tracking on DEGIRO

With Portseido, your dividend payments from DEGIRO are automatically tracked and estimated. In this way, investors can track their progress and manage their dividend incomes easily.

Track your dividend portfolio progress
See your dividend payday

View upcoming and estimated dividends

See upcoming dividends as soon as they are announced and plan your dividend exactly how you want it with estimated values.

See your dividend payday

Visualize and Analyze your DEGIRO Portfolio

Understand your portfolio better. Left no question unanswered. Identify what you did right and wrong.

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measure and benchmark DEGIRO portfolio performance

Track DEGIRO Portfolio Performance

Measure and analyze portfolio performance of your holdings at customizable time intervals possible within a glance.

measure and benchmark DEGIRO portfolio performance

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